The Electric Kool Service Prohibitions and limitations under Illinois apartment security camera legislation

Prohibitions and limitations under Illinois apartment security camera legislation


Just like any new condo, the security of your liveable space is really a factor to take into account. For lots of people, this implies putting in security cameras around their house or apartment. But before you go ahead and set up up a security program, it is important to understand what the regulations are regarding camera installation companies. So let’s acquire a good look at comprehending the flat safety digicam laws and regulations for Illinois.

Landlord Access to Your Cameras

It is essential to notice about surveillance cameras inside an Illinois flat is that landlords are not enabled usage of your video cameras unless they have got presented you written consent. Which means that if you choose to use a digicam program, only you should have usage of observe the tracks, no matter whether it is live or pre-recorded footage. In case your property owner tries to accessibility the digital camera without your written permission, they are often subjected to legal action.

Camera Position Constraints

Another important aspect when installing a video camera technique is positioning limitations. Any camcorders set up must not violate the personal privacy of other tenants or someone else around the residence, which include company and servicing workers. Because of this all digital camera systems must be mounted inside your individual device or even in frequent places outside of other people’s living spaces (i.e., hallways). It’s also worth noting that no cameras might be positioned in restrooms or bed rooms beneath any circumstances—this consists of equally inside and outside these rooms.


Just before installing surveillance cameras in an Illinois apartment, it’s essential to be aware of the laws regulating this kind of systems. To begin with, landlords will not be permitted use of your camcorders without composed consent of your stuff as being the renter. Additionally, any digicam systems should never violate the level of privacy of other tenants or website visitors in the home this can include any bath rooms or bed rooms in your system in addition to frequent locations for example hallways and lobbies outside those bedrooms. By following these tips and guaranteeing the safety of equally yourself and the ones surrounding you, security digital camera installing can be done safely and legally in an Illinois flat building!

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