The Electric Kool Entertainment The Winner of Big Brother VIP Kosova is Crowned!

The Winner of Big Brother VIP Kosova is Crowned!

The Winner of Big Brother VIP Kosova is Crowned! post thumbnail image

The Big Brother Kosova VIP champion will likely be released in certain days. This year’s demonstrate version continues to be hotly contested, with lots of housemates giving their all to earn the fantastic reward. So, who is definitely the fortunate individual to consider residence the crown?

The 3 Participants

3 participants are operating for that headline of Klan Kosova Live victor. They are:


Albulena is a huge solid person and is situated in initial spot through the period. She includes a sound social video game and is also great at events. Her greatest struggle is going to be genuine the jury to vote for someone else. Some jurors may well not like her aggressive gameplay but tend to elect to vote for an individual in addition.


Erion is secondly place and has a perfect possibility of successful. He or she is a ideal gamer, and he continues to be able to type alliances with both sides of the house. He or she is also efficient at competitions, which supplies him another benefit. Nevertheless, this individual are making some foes along the way, that could hurt him.


Ardita is in next place now, but she retains a chance of profitable. She actually is a powerful competitor and earned the final Go of Family competitors. Nonetheless, her sociable video game is not really as robust as the other two participants, which could harm her.

The Faves

According to bookmakers, Valdrin may be the current favored to earn the present. He has become a robust performer throughout and contains won numerous obstacles. Nonetheless, Driton is actually a robust contender, so it is still anyone’s video game.

The Difficulties

To date inside the rivalry, the housemates have confronted several obstacles. These problems have analyzed their both mental and physical capabilities, in addition to their teamwork expertise. The ultimate struggle will probably be no diverse and demand participants to function together to earn.


So, who can be crowned the champ of Big Brother VIP Kosova? Only time will inform. Tune within the final episode to determine!

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