The Electric Kool General What are the right steps to smoke a bong?

What are the right steps to smoke a bong?

What are the right steps to smoke a bong? post thumbnail image

Let’s be simple: if you’re a frequent gas mask bong consumer or perhaps a smoking cigarettes enthusiast, you probable realize how to cigarette smoke a bong. Nonetheless, individuals who are newly misstepping into the realm of bongs, do not stress. We’ve put together a foolproof manual to smoking a bong such as a seasoned, smoky specialist.

Step One: Fill Your Bong With H2o

The volume of h2o you need will count on your bong’s design and size. Normally, the rule of thumb is to complete this type of water just beyond any percolator or downstream your bong could possibly have. Also, a handy suggestion is always to fill up your bong with plenty of normal water while it’s branded new, or 100 % pure, and inhale as strongly as you possibly can. This can provide the humidity straight into the mouth – just spit it discharge.

Reprise this until no more h2o collects in your oral cavity. There you are, you keep an ideal water level! And this will be comfy to recognise when you need to load your bong.

Step 2-Grind Your Natural herbs (Cannabis)

It is possible to utilise your hands and fingers – but it’s still sufficiently to use a herb grinding machine to supply a standard grind that won’t block your pan. Usually, it’s more helpful to grind your seasoning as okay as possible.
Step Three: Load up Your Herbs In the Bong Container

The pan will be the funnel-molded looking glass bit that car seats with your bongs joint and maintains your free of moisture herbal remedies. Load up this informative article together with your grind herbal treatments, completely although not too near. In the event you fill it up too tight, you’ll permit air-flow close to. It’s always better to load a tiny container, then you could always load up it again.

Phase 4: Stir up

Hold the bong with your dominating fingers and set the mouth area on the mouthpiece. Your lip area ought to go inside of the mouthpiece to help make an airtight seal off.

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